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Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Indie Book Release: The Forever Ones (Marjorie DeLuca)

New Indie Book Release:
The Forever Ones - Marjorie DeLuca
YA Science Fiction (269 pages - July 2013)

The Forever Ones deals with the real consequences of a youth-obsessed society and how the quest to stay young forever might destroy humanity.

About the Book

The Forever Ones (Marjorie DeLuca)
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Paige is a forever, genetically altered to stay nineteen forever and live in the secret Iduna Corp compound, a place where age reversal and immortality has been perfected. Forevers are told to live for the moment.. Be what you want to be for a while and when you get sick of it – be something else.

But when her friends start disappearing Paige suspects there’s a darker side to their luxurious prison. The official word is they’ve been kidnapped by criminals on the outside who want to use them as feeders. Feeders have a short and brutal life – kept in captivity and sucked dry of all their youth cells so the Crime Lords can enjoy eternal youth.

Her friend Junius involves her in planning a daring escape from the compound so they can infiltrate the IdunaCorp organization and find out what’s really happening to their missing friends. They’re joined by the charismatic and musical Chale, a Keener whose attraction to Paige causes tension between her and Junius. What will they find on the outside? How has the quest for immortality changed humanity?

The journey becomes so dangerous Paige is forced to push herself to the limits of her endurance and to make tough decisions about who she can trust – Junius or Chale.

About the Author

Author Marjorie DeLuca
Author Marjorie DeLuca
Marjorie DeLuca was born in the beautiful cathedral city of Durham in North-Eastern England and honed her imagination in a childhood spent on a quirky country lane named Creamery Cottages near a spooky place called Bat House! Later she spent some exciting years at university in London, then moved to Canada where she lives with her husband, two children and a crazy dog named Bella.

She loves writing all types of teen novels, especially sci-fi, but she also writes historical fiction and is considering a thriller next!

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