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Friday, July 19, 2013

New Indie Book Release: Pigeonholes (Bauple)

New Indie Book Release:
Pigeonholes - Bauple
New Fiction - Shares One Man’s Reflection of Life Based on Stereotypes (144 pages - July 2013)

"Pigeonholes is a story about life and stereotypes. As Joe Candide falls to his death he recounts his life and his constant battle against being considered as a two dimensional person in a pigeonhole. As he almost hits the ground he discovers he has actually been in one all his life and it finally explained the unknowns."

About the Book

Pigeonholes (Bauple)
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The story of Joe Candide and how he realized the one thing that links all the unknowns in his life together –
Do you look at someone and automatically put them into a stereotype or pigeonhole? Joe Candide used to, when he was young. But as he matured, he began to realize that life and reality was a far more complex story.

It takes readers into the life story of Joe Candide, a man who is constantly changing his perspectives, job and lifestyle. But now, falling to his death from a seven story building with his memories flashing right before his eyes, he reflects on his life and starts with each stereotype and then develops them into characters that are sometimes very different than his first impression.

Throughout his life, Joe had always thought he was in control of everything. He could read people, understand people, and know what they were thinking. He could work on the higher level with an empathetic view. But there were always subtle reactions and actions that took place now and then that he could not explain. Will he get the clarity that men search their whole life for? Will he finally realized the one thing that linked all the unknowns in his life together?

Pigeonholes will make readers realize that everyone has an immediate idea or first impression of people due to their own prejudices.This book shows that rarely are the first impressions a true indication of character. It is witty and thought provoking and readers should see some part of themselves inside the pages. In the end, after all the raging against stereotypes and pigeonholes, Joe will finally find one that provides meaning and explanations and more importantly provides hope.

About the Author

Author: Bauple
Author: Bauple
Bauple was raised in the Queensland country region of Wide Bay. He joined the Army after he lost his parents in two separate car accidents when he was twelve and fifteen. He was married and had two children whilst moving from posting to posting in the Army. After reaching the rank of Captain he changed careers to one of management on the Australian waterfront.

He went through the 1998 waterfront dispute then managed several green field construction projects, ran his own transport company, ran as a political candidate and did project management. He has now decided to follow his love of literature and philosophy and write his first book.

Bauple currently resides with his family in Brisbane, Australia.

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