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Friday, July 12, 2013

New Indie Book Release: Corr Syl the Warrior (Garry Rogers)

New Indie Book Release:
Corr Syl the Warrior - Garry Rogers
Science Fiction / EcoSciFi (262 pages - May 2013)

In June, 2013, Corr Syl the Warrior received the Kirkus Star given to books of "exceptional merit."
"A beautifully written YA novel that will captivate environmentalists and sci-fi fans of all ages." - Kirkus Reviews

About the Book

Corr Syl the Warrior (Garry Rogers)
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Earth's creatures were always intelligent. As they attained the power of motion and sensitivity to light and sound, they developed memory, sentiment, and identity. For 500 million years, emotions—desire, fear, and vanity—ruled intelligence.

The Earth was never at peace until, at a time when the excesses of warring species threatened to destroy the entire planet, the warriors appeared. The warriors mastered the ways of combat and war, but more important, they developed an understanding of responsibility.

They formed a code of ethics they called Immediacy, the Philosophy of Consequences. The warriors became Earth's first sapient creatures. They spread the peaceful Tsaeb civilization across the globe.

Over the long history of the Tsaeb civilization, the number of warriors declined, but always a few remained. This is good, because dangerous individuals and species appear now and then, and the Earth needs its defenders.

About the Author

Author Garry Rogers
Author Garry Rogers

Dr. Garry Rogers writes about an Earth on which intelligence appeared long before humans. He also writes nonfiction articles and books about wildlife and nature conservation.

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