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Monday, March 11, 2013

New Indie Book Release: Straight Dope (LeRon L Barton)

New Indie Book Release:
Straight Dope - LeRon L Barton -
A 360 degree look into the American drug culture.
Non-Fiction / Drug Addiction / True Crime (February 2013 - 136 pages)

“[...] There were eight sections to the book: discussing drug dealers, users, people who died from their addiction, if marijuana should be legalized, criminals behind bars, teachers dealing with abused students (the most intriguing section for me), people in rehab who recovered from their addiction, and family members dealing with an addict.
I RECOMMEND this book to read. "
- Reader Review (Yawatta Hosby - Amazon)

About the Book

Straight Dope (LeRon L Barton)
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Straight is a book that takes the reader into the drug infested land that is America by talking to addicts and their fight, drug counselors in what it is like to treat abusers, teachers who deal with kids that live in homes filled with drugs, recovering addicts dealing with the day to day of staying drug free, and legal marijuana growers and the shady but booming industry of weed.

Straight Dope has conversations with dope dealers as they talk about what it is like to sell pounds and pounds of weed, meth pushers talking about the fight to stay one step ahead of the law, and people from the 60's who say that drug experimentation was all for nothing.

"The fact that Straight Dope is all real - none of the stories are made up fiction. These are real tales of crime, heartbreak, and getting clean. There has not been a book that just listens and not judges until now. Straight Dope is that book."

About the Author

Author LeRon L Barton
Author LeRon L Barton

LeRon L. Barton is native Kansas Citian now living in The Bay Area. Always having having a passion for writing, Barton began creating his own comic books and then attended Paseo Academy for Fine Arts in Kansas City.

Honing his skills under the great Stan Banks, he began to contribute to the school newspaper and later to an underground punk 'zine. After graduating college, Barton moved to San Diego and began to write for blogs and compose screenplays.

After a soul searching 2012, Barton completed, "Straight Dope: A 360 degree look into American drug culture," his first book.

Connect with LeRon L Barton via Twitter @MainlineLeRon
and the Author's Website.