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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

New Indie Book Release: Journey Into Jurian Forest (T.M. Williams)

New Indie Book Release:
Journey Into Jurian Forest - T.M. Williams -
YA Fantasy (mid-grade) (February 2013 - 66 pages)

“I would love to see this book made into a movie! The magic, the suspense! I can't wait to see what happens in the next book! It's great to see a book where a female is the lead character and shows courage especially in the days of knights and trolls! Keep writing this series!" - Reader Review

About the Book

Journey Into Jurian Forest (T.M. Williams)
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Ariana Cooper must set out on a journey into the dark Jurian Forest. The same forest that could hold her father captive.

Ten years before her journey, Ariana's father set out to save Prince Alek from the evil sorcerer Kresimer who dwells in Jurian.

Now at the age of sixteen Ariana must enter the forest to stop Kresimer before he awakens and brings terror on the Kingdom of Etheldred. Can Ariana along with Prince Alek and a young servant girl Ellyn find their way through the forest and obtain the answers they are seeking? Join them in the first series of Journey into Jurian Forest (Ariana's Awakening).

"The book is special because in a time when knights are proving their self-worth to protect a kingdom, it is not the knight who steps forward to save the kings son. It is not the knight who is given the task to save the entire kingdom. The quest is put on the shoulders of a young girl who must find her inner strength, courage, and realize that she will be more powerful in her magic than her father was before her. She really has to start believing in herself, yet depend on her friends who will accompany her into Jurian. It's a great heroine story for those who enjoy seeing a female character take a stand vs. cowering in a corner while the male character does all of the fighting."

About the Author

Author T.M. Williams
Author T.M. Williams
T. M. Williams lives and writes in the town of Toccoa, Ga. Holding an Associates Degree in Elementary Education she is also a mom to four girls.

Her first published book JOURNEY INTO JURIAN FOREST is but a stepping stone to her writing career. Along with JOURNEY INTO JURIAN FOREST she has written a children's ebook entitled HALEY AND KATIE'S STARLIGHT RIDE, which comes from a bedtime story that was told by her father.

She is also in the process of releasing the second book in the JURIAN series, DEEP WITHIN JURIAN (SOUL OF DESPAIR).

Her passion in writing is fantasy, fiction, and drawing young readers into a good book.

Connect with T.M. Williams via Twitter @Williams_Author
and the Author's Website.