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Friday, March 01, 2013

New Indie Book Release: Crumple Zone (Edith Parzefall)

New Indie Book Release:
Crumple Zone - Edith Parzefall -
Psychological Suspense (February 2013 - 225 pages)

“[...] The development of the characters, set in the amazing backdrop of Chile makes compelling reading. Gritty realism, complex characters, empathy, and tension are all woven through a novel that transports the reader to from down town Seattle to the Atacama Desert and back again.
Grab your copy and discover a little about life, love, risk, responsibility and how Lara and Enrique find their own Crumple Zone. "
- Reader Review

About the Book

Crumple Zone (Edith Parzefall)
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Lara, a workaholic from Seattle, loses her job, drowns her frustrations in scotch, and books a trip to Chile. Instead of facing her messed up life, she escapes to South America and hooks up with a backpacker, whose bag of tricks conveniently distracts her.

Hauling freight along the same route, trucker Enrique battles the loneliness of the Atacama Desert, imagining his wife by his side. If only she'd stop urging him to come home. With growing unease, he sets off on the return trip.

When his path crosses Lara's, the impact knocks them both off their errant tracks to face unpleasant realities.

"In Crumple Zone, magical realism, represented by Chilean trucker Enrique, meets scientific disenchantment, embodied by American workaholic Lara. When these two collide, they must risk a glimpse at reality, blinking, peering through half-closed eyes, before they can face life with eyes wide open. The cultural contrasts blur as these characters lean on each other to emerge from the desert."

About the Author

Author Edith Parzefall
Author Edith Parzefall
Edith Parzefall studied literature and linguistics in Germany and the United States.

After graduating with a PhD, she worked as an editor, technical writer, team leader and project manager. Now a full-time writer, she strives to combine her two passions: writing and traveling.

In 2008 she visited Chile and went on a road trip through the Atacama Desert with her partner. When they were squashed between a tomato truck and a liquid gas truck, the idea for Crumple Zone sparked.

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