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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Featured Indie Book: Dinosaurs & Cherry Stems (Susan Jean Ricci)

Dinosaurs & Cherry Stems (by Susan Jean Ricci)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Contemporary Romance Dinosaurs & Cherry Stems by Susan Jean Ricci.

Dinosaurs & Cherry Stems is contemporary romance about conquering mid-life adolescence, in spite of the baggage incurred with one's history. A fast and furious read the story focuses on managing relationships after divorce, with a heavy dose of humor on the side.

The Book has been self-published via Jumping Jersey Jenkins Books and is available as Paperback and eBook – 204 pages - released in September 2012.

About the Book

Twice divorced, cynical Cindy Layton feels like a relic with prehistoric baggage, and doubts she can muster the courage to establish a new relationship, even if it's on her own terms.

Her journey out of the Stone Age hits freaky, hilarious turbulence when she joins an Internet dating service. The scammers and weirdoes she meets in cyberspace make Cindy want to crawl back into her cave, until she receives an accidental email from Jay DeMatteo.

Jay has the dating blues, too, but after meeting Cindy, reconsiders his options. Now it's up to him to convince her it's never too late to pursue a meaningful relationship, even when a couple is struggling with midlife adolescence.

Dinosaurs & Cherry Stems (by Susan Jean Ricci)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "Dinosaurs & Cherry Stems is a sweet novel; fast paced and funny! In addition to the well crafted story, words of wisdom are dropped like little gifts inside the pages as well. I very much enjoyed the true-to-life characters in dire need of a "free pass" every now and again. The words, the premise, is highly relatable and thoroughly enjoyable. I sincerely look forward to much more from this wonderful author! " - HoleecowPam (Amazon)

- "Just finished reading this delightful read-it-in-one-sitting book. 'Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems' is a cute, heart-warming story of middle age, internet dating, and the hope of finding real love when you've resigned to never being in love again. I think anyone who's ever participated in an online dating site can appreciate the early tales of woe, and anyone who's ever fallen in love can appreciate the rest. I highly recommend this book, for pretty much anyone. " - D.B. Frontauria

- "[...] I LOVED this endearing story of a woman scorned, becoming the heroine and coming out on top...(no pund intended) I was also thrilled at the outcome! BRAVO! I read this novel in two days. I could not put it down. Mrs. Ricci is a well-rounded writer - clean dialogue - full description - easy read. For an amazing romantic twist, READ DIONOSAURS and CHERRY STEMS! " - Douglas W. Wickard

- "[...] The entire book is as creative as the title, from beginning to end. I guarantee you will laugh a lot, but it is much more than a comedy. It takes you down many avenues of recovering from a divorce, and the excitement of a new life." - esldonna (Amazon)

About the Author

Featured on Indie Author News: Susan Jean Ricci
Author Susan Jean Ricci
Susan Jean Ricci has been writing since she was a child and discovered crayons weren't meant to be part of a food group. Her sometimes controversial rants have appeared in her local newspaper, the Asbury Park Press, and she’s won several awards via the Writer's Digest 78th Annual Writer's Contest and the Philadelphia Writer's Conference.

Over the years, Ms. Ricci has been fortunate enough to publish in Parenting Teens Magazine, Good Dog Magazine, and Aim Intercultural Magazine. She’s currently penning the sequel to Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems called The Sugar Ticket and feels there aren't enough minutes in a day to get everything she wishes to accomplish with her prose and hopes to return in another life as a literary octopus.

Her eBook, Heart Marks the Spot: Three Short Stories, can also be found on Amazon for Kindle, as well as a cook book in which she’s a contributor called, Dine With Us: A Collection of Recipes from the Authors of Indie Writers Unite. Lot's of yummy recipes and delicious stories can be found there, so don't miss out.

She and her husband, Joseph, live in a lovely town in New Jersey near the sea. Together they have seven children and nine grandchildren.

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Dinosaurs & Cherry Stems (by Susan Jean Ricci)