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Monday, February 18, 2013

New Indie Book Release: Beyond Redemption (Richard I Levine)

New Indie Book Release:
Beyond Redemption - Richard I Levine -
Political Thriller (February 2013 - 412 pages)

Beyond Redemption is a political thriller that goes beyond the Beltway. We get a glimpse of the dirty dealings behind closed doors and its affects on the average person. The storyline takes a good look at what drives people as well as the things they would do and the lengths they would go to hold onto what they value most. For some it's wealth, power and notoriety. For others it's honor, honesty, integrity and having a moral compass."

About the Book

Beyond Redemption (Richard I Levine)
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Although Beyond Redemption is a sequel to Eye of the Redeemer, it is written in a way so that it is a "stand alone". Meaning that anyone who hadn't read the first book would not be lost.
In Eye of the Redeemer, self-described “average joe” Ray Silver is in the middle of a midlife crisis and a personal quest to justify his life when he finds himself on a sixty-year-old naval relic sailing for the Philippines—an accidental key player in a covert CIA operation. After he is suddenly thrust into the spotlight as a national hero, he tries to balance a budding relationship with finding out what really happened to his long-lost brother, Frank, who may or may not have been with him in the jungles of Luzon.

In Beyond Redemption, Ray's search for Frank continues, even as his new wife encourages him to surrender to the simplicity of their Hawaiian family life. But his innocent search proves deadly and he's not the only one interested in the outcome—especially when he enlists the help of a young investigative reporter. The more they dig, the more red flags arise—at the CIA, NSA, and with powerful San Francisco Congresswoman Francine Manetti, preoccupied with Frank and a package of documents he supposedly had. Ray soon learns that Manetti, in her quest to become the first female Speaker of the House, is a force to be reckoned with—a painful lesson learned through congressional hearings and underhanded dealings alike.

Can Ray keep his family from becoming collateral damage? Is Frank Silver alive? Is Manetti willing to do anything to keep those documents from stalling her drive to become the most powerful woman in America?

About the Author

Author Richard I Levine
Author Richard I Levine
Beyond Redemption is the second published work for Richard I Levine and it's a sequel to Eye of the Redeemer which was a 2012 finalist in the popular fiction category of the Indie Reader Discovery Award Competition.

Levine is a native New Yorker who grew up in the shadows of Yankee Stadium. "I fondly remember the days of sneaking into the Stadium through the bleacher seat entrance to watch Maris and Mantle play, sipping egg cream sodas at the corner candy store and playing (surviving) Bronx style sidewalk games until mom called out from our fourth floor apartment window that dinner was getting cold."

After working in the auto parts business for several years and a one year wanderlust trip that took him coast to coast and back again, this one time volunteer firemen, auxiliary police officer and bartender eventually returned to school to become a chiropractor. He lives, maintains an active wellness-based practice, and continues to write in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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