Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Indie Book Release: Heart of the Witch (Judy Goodwin)

New Indie Book Release:
Heart of the Witch - Judy Goodwin -
Fantasy (December 21, 2012 - 453 pages)

“The world created in this book is extraordinary, and very three-dimensional. Nicely written, and some of everything; romance, suspense, action, and even its own religion. A great read from a great and imaginative mind!" - Reader Review

About the Book

Heart of the Witch (Judy Goodwin)
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Argessa is a newly colonized land, an untamed jungle where it is said natives perform feats of magic and witchcraft. Zerrick Dhur yearns to explore this new world where he was born, but he fears his father, the Reverend, will never approve. Worse, Zerrick is learning magic in a society that burns witches at the stake.

Dreams call him of a woman in a ring of mountains, far away. When accusations start to fly, Zerrick must flee and answer the question that burns inside. Is magic a force for good, or for evil? Madness looms, demons chase him, and magic threatens to overwhelm him.

With the help of a fellow colonial girl and two native scouts, Zerrick will journey deep into the land, to find the heart of magic.

“[...] Judy Goodwin brings all of this to vivid life on this nonstop adventure. There is even a bit of romance for this young man who is determined to find out who he truly is and what he believes. It's an enthralling, well written story with relatable characters who feel like real people. You won't be disappointed! ” - Reader Review

About the Author

Author Judy Goodwin
Author Judy Goodwin
Judy Goodwin developed a passion for writing at a young age, creating picture books from the time she could read and write. She continued this passion throughout her schooling, earning her BA degree in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona. Along with the passion for English came a love of all languages, and Ms. Goodwin went on to study other languages as well, including German, French, and Japanese. She spent time as an exchange student in Germany, which helped to develop her love of other cultures.

She has published short stories in small press and online magazines including Space and Time, Dreams and Nightmares, and Beyond Centauri. With the advent of eBooks and indie publishing, she decided to move into the brave new world of publishing with the debut of her first novel, Heart of the Witch.

Her second novel is anticipated at the end of 2013, entitled Journey to Landaran.

Connect with Judy Goodwin via Twitter @judygoodwin6
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