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Friday, December 07, 2012

New Indie Book Release: Grave Digger Blues (Jesse Sublett)

New Indie Book Release:
Grave Digger Blues - Jesse Sublett -
Crime Fiction - set in the near future (November 19, 2012 - 52,000 words plus Bonus Material - more than 100 photos, drawings, and collages)

“Grave Digger Blues is a dark fever dream that’s part noir, part stand-up. Sublett’s writing is as apt to scare the hell out of you as it is to make you die laughing." - Reed Farrel Coleman, three-time Shamus Award-winning author of Gun Church

About the Book

Greave Digger Blues (Jesse Sublett)
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Grave Digger Blues is a blast of surreal, post-apocalyptic noir, set during the last weeks of the world. Dual protagonists drive the narrative--The Blues Cat, an itinerant, doomed jazz musician, and Hank Zzybnx, a private detective and damaged war veteran.

It's a dangerous and strange world, shot through with bizarre beauty and dreamlike weirdness. Grizzly bears and alligators have invaded the cities, walking catfish prowl the exurbs, and the best bar in town was formerly the city Morgue.

A right wing rebellion has wrecked the infrastructure of US, and the planet is wracked by daily earthquakes, bizarre weather and mutated species. Old politicians litter the bars and circuses. Dick Cheney is a drag queen... Newt Gingrich is a security guard at WalMart.

During these hard times, the only profitable work left for a private eye is murder for hire. Hank is exclusive about his clients and only accepts contracts on people who are truly despicable menaces to society. Fortunately, as he puts it, “There’s always some scummy sonofabitch out there who needs killing and somebody willing to pay for it.”

Despite being a hired killer, in this bleak nightmare world, Hank is a sympathetic character, even a poetic figure. He’s haunted by the benevolent ghost of Marilyn Monroe, fragmented memories of the war in Murderstan, and a grifter mother who hated him before he was born.

The Blues Cat is a lady’s man, but constantly being attacked or hounded by disgruntled husbands and neurotic groupies. His body is a road map of scars from the innumerable attempts on his life. He’s followed across the country, from one dive to the next, by a 300 pound thug called The Muffin Man.

“Grave Digger Blues is a nasty, raunchy, rude-boy romp that I totally loved. In its sinister way it is very, very funny. The exquisitely rendered visuals and other enhancements are great. You’ll love it, especially if you hate the Beatles.” - W.K. Stratton (Chasing the Rodeo, Boxing Shadows, Floyd Patterson: The Fighting Live of Boxing’s Invisible Champ)

About the Author

Author Jesse Sublett
Author Jesse Sublett
Jesse Sublett is an author, musician, artist and all-around Austin character. He’s been an influential figure in the Austin music scene since 1978, when he founded the seminal rock n’ roll band, the Skunks, a band that is credited with helping put Austin on the rock n’ roll map. In the years since, Jesse has shared the stage with and / or recorded with luminaries like Patti Smith, ex-Rolling Stones, Go-Go’s, Elvis Costello, members of Blondie and the Clash, Jon Dee Graham and countless others.

Jesse’s first series of crime novels were set in the Austin music scene, published by Viking Penguin Rock Critic Murders (1989), Tough Baby (1990) and Boiled in Concrete (1991). With a blues musician protagonist Martin Fender, these novels were lauded for their authentic and lyrical descriptions of the world of the working musician, critically acclaimed by critics and many well-respected authors, like Robert B. Parker, James Ellroy and Michael Connelly.

Jesse’s nonfiction books include his music and true crime memoir, Never the Same Again. The book chronicles his experiences as a musician, a harrowing battle with Stage 4 throat cancer, and the investigation of the murder of his girlfriend in 1976 by a serial killer. Never the Same Again is a rocking read--alternatingly terrifying, dark, uplifting and funny.

James Ellroy ( Confidential, American Tabloid, The Cold Six Thousand ) said: "Never the Same Again is a harrowing, wrenching, spellbinding work of great candor and soul."

Michael Connelly (The Black Echo, Lincoln Lawyer, The Black Box) said: “Never the Same Again is an important work. Sublett takes us on a ride through life that is crazy, funny, and sometimes deeply tragic, but ultimately, an inspiring and always highly readable survivor's tale."

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