Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Indie Book Release: Wanted (Julie DeNeen)

New Indie Book Release:
Wanted - Julie DeNeen -
Non-Fiction Memoir / Adoption / Dysfunctional Relationships(October 2012 - 180 pages)

“ I was amazed at the ability of the author to tell her story with such honesty." - Reader Review

About the Book

Wanted (by Julie DeNeen)
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Wanted is a memoir that focuses in on a father and daughter who reunite after many years of separation. What child looking for their parent, imagines a situation in which the roles of lover and father get mixed up?

Julie was happily married and raising three children. Unprepared for the intensity of love and affection she felt for him during their reunion, she ignored the signs of danger as the relationship continued at intense speed.

The experience caused her to question and rebel against every rule she had known about incest, parental love, and psychological abuse.

Plunged into the depth of this haunted taboo, she felt both love and murderous hate towards the man who gave her life. If she turned away from this twisted relationship, would she lose the father she had just found?

Julie DeNeen and her husband Andrew were featured on HLN's Dr. Drew this past Monday night. They interviewed her about the book and her relationship with her father.

"While I don't normally read this type of literature, I found Wanted to be a gripping and compelling look inside a relatively unknown psychological phenomena. Well written, the book pulls you in, and keeps you moving forward, with a need to discover what will happen next. Kudos to Ms. DeNeen, both for the excellent book and for the courage to come forward with her story, in the hopes that it might help others." - Reader Review

About the Author

Author Julie DeNeen
Author Julie DeNeen
Julie DeNeen hates author biographies. They are impossibly hard to write; trying to fit enough information in one paragraph that gives a well-rounded view of the human being behind the story. That being said, bios are a necessary evil, so she begrudgingly writes her life in bullet points.

She is currently a full-time freelance writer, blogger, and author. As a relative “newbie” to the writing world, she takes pride in following behind some of the great inspiring storytellers of modern day, in hopes they will drop crumbs of information that will help her build her next novel.

She is also a full-time mother of three children, a part-time piano instructor, and tamer of several domesticated shelter animals. She currently authors two blogs: Life According to Julie and Fabulous Blogging. Miraculously, a company also pays her to write commentaries about the future of higher education. In another life, she worked at the district level helping teachers implement technology in the classroom.

In the middle of all of this, she reunited with her biological father, who sparked the material for her current memoir, Wanted. She’s been interviewed from various International news agencies- including CNN’s Dr. Drew and ABC- and brings awareness about complicated adoptive reunions with yet another blog.

Connect with Julie DeNeen via Twitter @jdeneen4