Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Indie Book Release: Don't Mess with Brett (David D. D'Aguanno)

New Indie Book Release:
Don't Mess with Brett (Brett Cornell Series) - David D. D'Aguanno -
Murder Mystery (October 24, 2012 - 206 pages)

Brett is the ultimate 'Guy’s Guy' and 'Ladies’ Man' least according to him."

About the Book

Don't Mess with Brett - David D. D'Aguanno
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The life of an unscrupulous bastard can sometimes be fraught with difficulties.

First, there was the sweet young thing who claimed he'd impregnated her.
(Know what a condom is, Brett?)

Then there was the desperate young man who wanted to take him to court.
(One of the risks you run when you insist upon being so unscrupulous.)

How about the guy who showed up at his apartment and threatened him at gunpoint?
(Punching him out at that party might not have been such a good idea.)

Or the ex-girlfriend who came back, just to call him STUPID?
('Nuff said.)

But when someone left a dead body on top of his bedspread, the message that needed to be sent out was clear: "Don't mess with Brett!"

"This novel can be read as a murder mystery, as a comedy, or simply as lightweight entertainment. On the other hand, it is basically written as a character study of the man Brett Cornell, allowing the reader to enter deeply into the mind of a person."

About the Author

David D. D’Aguanno is a retired English teacher who, in his younger years, read a good deal of detective fiction, usually of the hard-boiled variety. During his summer vacations, he would sit down at his old Underwood typewriter and bang out detective novels of his own, all of which featured a self-proclaimed unscrupulous bastard by the name of Brett Cornell.

In recent years, he has revisited those manuscripts, practically rewrote them all from scratch, and has been self-publishing them since the beginning of this year. Although “Don’t Mess with Brett” is actually the ninth in the series, each novel in the series can easily be read as a self-contained piece of writing.

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