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Featured Indie Book: The Dragon Within (Cindy Lyle)

The Dragon Within (Cindy Lyle)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: (YA) Fantasy The Dragon Within by Cindy Lyle.

The Dragon Within is filled with dragons, magic, love, and some of the author's own original characters that she hopes readers will love.  
The Dragon Within is a fast paced, exciting read and will leave readers wanting more.

The Book has been self-published via iUniverse and is available on Amazon, B&N, and others as eBook and Paperback - 380 pages - released in June 2012.

About the Book

The Dragon Within follows the journey of a young woman named Karah and her home world of Eiddoril. Eiddoril is dying, and it’s only hope rests on her shoulders.

Her journey starts when she seeks the meaning behind her strange dreams. Her questions lead her to the discovery that her dreams are not really dreams but in fact are memories of a life that has been stolen from her.

Karah also discovers that she is not human but part of a long forgotten race now absent from the lands of Eiddoril. Karah embarks on a life-changing quest to discover the truth about herself and the way to defeat her most deadly enemy.

But as she gets closer to the truth, she begins to realize that her part in the future of Eiddoril may not be to save it but to help destroy it.

The Dragon Within (Cindy Lyle)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "[...] This story is told in a wonderful manner as Karrah's memories return to her we also learn the history of Eiddoril. This is a story that has it all dragons and giants, magic and gods, what more could you as for? I loved it and can hardly wait to see how this story continues. I would recommend this to all fans of fantasy especially if you like dragons. [...] " - Flora Bateman

- "[...] The Dragon Within is a splendid fantasy read. With all great fantasy, you must be pulled into this fabulous world that the author has created. Cindy Lyle has exceeded pulling you and then wrapping you up so you don't want to put this story down. We've got dragons, giants, "mini" warriors, great evil and true love what more can you ask for...well, there was non-stop action too! OH, Did I mention gods and elemental magic, too... The Dragon Within is a fantastic, fresh, fantasy and an extremely entertaining read.[...] " - Beth H. (Amazon)

- "[...] I loved getting to learn the history of Eiddoril and the three hundred year old war against evil that plagues the land. It is detailed and complex--an exciting basis for the plot of this book. And did I mention... there are dragons?
The Dragon Within is a superb epic fantasy and I highly recommend getting your own copy! This book could in a sense stand on it's own but I am so glad the author left it open for another grand adventure. I can't wait to read the sequel! Cindy Lyle is definitely an author worth reading!"
- Jill Marie

- "For someone who never reads fantasy, I found this to be wonderfully different. Loved the characters, of course there were one or two that just couldn't be loved. I am hoping that there will be more to follow." - wcexpress (Amazon)

About the Author

Featured on Indie Author News: Cindy Lyle
Author Cindy Lyle
Cindy Lyle is 35 years young. She works full time for her family and wouldn’t trade my job for the world. She lives in Canada, near Toronto, Ontario and loves it there.

Cindy loves to read and write but also enjoys the outdoors. Cindy and her daughter and horseback ride and ATV but do tend to hibernate in the winter. She hates snow!

She enjoys all things supernatural, fantasy and sci/fi, which assures that her imagination knows no bounds. She loves nothing more than to sit down, to read a good story, and be taken away to completely new worlds.

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Connect with the Author via Twitter: @mydragons2012

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