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Featured Indie Book: Raider's Vendetta (Karen Arnpriester)

Raider's Vendetta - Click to Read an Excerpt
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Christian Fiction Thriller Raider's Vendetta by Karen Arnpriester.

Raider's Vendetta is for Readers who want a book that will entertain, challenge and surprise them. This is not only for Christian Readers. Everyone pulls something from the story that relates to their life and relationships. These characters represent real-life people, with or without their spiritual position.

The Book has been self-published via Amazon CreateSpace and is available on Amazon as eBook and Paperback - 334 pages - released in August 2012.

About the Book

This is a story about an average, older woman, Charley, who gets caught up in a bank robbery nightmare. She relies on her faith and follows where God is leading her, but she falters at times and reveals her humanity.

The main character, Raider, is a bitter, hate filled man who blames so much of his life’s pain on religion and the people who are believers.

He takes advantage of a hostage situation to unleash his fury on a Christian.

This becomes a battle of will, faith, emotions and survival. Heaven touches Earth and these characters with delightful miracles.

Raider's Vendetta (Karen Arnpriester)
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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "[...] I loved this book, I liked and hated the characters as I was meant to, I emphasised with them and I rooted for them in turn. I would highly recommend this book and this author. I really hope she will be writing more books as she is definitely now on my list of favorite authors." - Wendy Jones

- "Just finished reading 'Raider's Vendetta' by Karen Slimick Arnpriester. This book gets 5 stars! It was a page turner from the first page! Charley is in the wrong place at the right time but at first it doesn't appear to be that way.[...] The ending is a wonderful surprise. This book is filled with hate and love and unforgiveness and forgiveness. And some parts make you want to cry." - Debbie Curto

- "Raider's Vendetta is the kind of book you don't want to put down. It grips you and you just have to get to the end to see what happens. You will be surprised because it isn't predictable. It's not only captivating, it makes you think.I highly recommend it." - Alanna (Amazon)

- "A Christian drama with twists and turns, two people's journeys of self discovery and life lessons through a harrowing event. [...]" - J. Locke

- "[...] This is a must read book. My daughter came in to pick up her kids and took one look at the tears running down my cheeks and asked, "Good Book?" to which I replied, "No, Great Book!"
[...] I loved the way Karen brought in a character from her first book. I am honored that she asked me to review her book. This is so good. I believe it would make an excellent movie."
- Sandra K. Stiles

About the Author

Featured on Indie Author News: Author Karen Arnpriester
Karen Arnpriester
Karen Arnpriester is a creative, passionate and adventuresome woman. She raised two children, married into two more kids, adores her seven grandchildren and is now a foster/adopt mom of two young ladies.

She has been a self-taught graphic designer for twenty-five years and started her own business twenty years ago.

Her faith in God is strong and she believes that we are Christ’s hands, feet, arms and wallet. This translates into her involvement in youth ministries, local women’s shelter, street ministry, the elderly, as well as many other outreaches over the years. Her home has been available to single moms and their children, allowing them to get a fresh start.

Karen took creative writing in high school and did very well. Then for years it was making up and telling stories to her children and grandchildren. No training beyond that. She entered some short devotions to a project at her church and many ladies asked if she had ever considered writing. She hadn’t really, but it started to simmer. Anessia’s Quest [Karen's Debut Novel - Great Reviews!] was conceived as a hobby. She was amazed at the positive reception she was given. She was strongly encouraged to get the book published and share her talent.

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Raider's Vendetta - Click to Read an Excerpt