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Monday, October 22, 2012

Featured Indie Book: Nowhere to Hide (Terry Odell)

Nowhere to Hide (Terry Odell) - Click to Read an Excerpt
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Romantic Suspense Nowhere to Hide (Pine Hills Police) by Terry Odell.

Nowhere to Hide: When a domestic dispute goes south, police officer Colleen McDonald quits the force and moves across the country. However, she discovers that the trouble with running away is you take yourself with you.

The Book has been self-published via Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, and Kobo and is available as eBook and Paperback - 314 pages - released in May 2012.

About the Book

Colleen McDonald was a small town Oregon cop until a domestic disturbance call went south. The good old boy network blames her for the death of her partner, and she moves across the country to Orlando, Florida, where she wants nothing to do with cops. But, her first morning in her new home, she's awakened by Deputy Sheriff Graham Harrigan looking for a man who's supposed to be her landlord—a man she's never heard of.

Graham Harrigan is bucking for detective, and when a routine call to check on a local citizen looks like it might be a missing persons case, he's determined to use it as his ticket into Criminal Investigations. He's not going to let anything—including the attractive redhead who's living in the man's guest house—stand in his way.

It's not Graham's killer blue eyes or disarming smile that attract Colleen to the deputy. Rather, it's the determination to beat him at his own game and get him out of her life, even though she'll have to do it as a civilian. Before long, their rivalry becomes a partnership that stretches the boundaries of a professional relationship.

Nowhere to Hide (Terry Odell)
Click to Read an Excerpt

Reviews (Excerpts)

- "Terry Odell has penned an excellent suspense that deals sensitively with both PTSD and Alzheimer's disease. Colleen is probably a worst-case example of why police officers dread domestic disturbance calls so much.[...] This author continues to be one who meets all my expectations for a great story. " - Tina Pavlik

- "[...] The book, again, pulled me in more than I expected. It was real and intriguing. It wasn't in-your-face real, the stuff you prefer to escape temporarily by reading books. It was touch-your-heart real, the kind that has you nodding and saying to yourself, "That is so right". Terry creates characters who aren't larger than life: they could be you or me, muddling through life and trying to work out why they keep ending up in the same place. But like us, Terry's characters can learn from what's happened.
Terry has the gift of showing us the romance and mystery in everyday life. I want more of this. "
- Clythie (Amazon)

- "[...] Terry Odell creates characters that the reader can empathize with and cheer on as they cope with overwhelming challenges. She also writes a love scene that makes one apt to agree with Colleen that "sex rocks". Her writing style is so smooth that she seems to disappear and the characters come alive so the reader is in the moment with what is going on.
Nowhere to Hide captivates and keeps one turning pages. "
- LAS Reviewer

About the Author

Featured on Indie Author News: Author Terry Odell
Author Terry Odell
Terry Odell was born in Los Angeles and now makes her home in Divide, Colorado. An avid reader (her parents tell everyone they had to move from their first home because she finished the local library), she always wanted to "fix" stories so the characters did what she wanted, in books, television, and the movies. Once she began writing, she found this wasn't always possible, as evidenced when the mystery she intended to write rapidly became a romance.

However, her entry into the world of writing can be attributed to a "mistake" when her son mentioned the Highlander television series on a visit home. Being the "good mother" she began watching the show and soon connected with the world of fanfiction, first as a reader, then as a critique giver, and then, one brave weekend, she wrote her first short story.

Things snowballed and soon she was writing her first original novel. Much later, she mentioned something about a recent Highlander episode to her son, and he said, "Oh, I've never actually watched the show, I just thought the concept was cool." Little did he know what he'd started.

She loves getting into the minds of her characters, turning them loose in tight spots and seeing what they do. Too often, they surprise her.

Her published works include the Pine Hills Police Series, the Blackthorne, Inc. series as well as the Romantic Suspense novel, What's in a Name? and the first in the Mapleton Mystery series, Deadly Secrets. She's also published numerous short stories with The Wild Rose Press.

She is an active member of Romance Writers of America, and its Kiss of Death chapter, as well as Mystery Writers of America. When she's not writing, or watching wildlife from her window, she's probably reading.

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Nowhere to Hide (Terry Odell) - Click to Read an Excerpt