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Monday, August 13, 2012

New Indie Book Release: Coffee of Change (Terri Louise)

New Indie Book Release: 
Coffee of Change - Terri Louise -
Women's Fiction / Romance (July 2012 - 279 pages)
- "Dive into this wonderful adventure!" -

About the Book

Coffee of Change - Terri Louise
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Tonya is the local hooker beating men away from her door. She finds more than just sex in bed and she just might be all alone in her troubles except for her friends on “Friendlycoffee.com” for advice and guidance. What mysteries lie ahead for this woman?

Sara is a widowed stewardess looking for sex, paradise and laughter. What she finds on the Island of Kauai is more than she bargained for; can her broken heart be captured? Meanwhile, a very dear on-line friend needs her in Pennsylvania but, is leaving Kauai to help her friend a wise decision?

Tony escaped a brutally abusive ex-husband only to have her son kidnapped. Will the police find him in time? Where can he be? She reaches for her friends on the website and learns there is much more to her own story!

Laura just wants to sell insurance and recover from the loss of her long-time marriage. Gregory abandoned her and their two children. She’s been raising them for the last four years and when she searches for support she finds great friends but one has already betrayed her and they haven’t even met yet!

Karen works with the disabled children in a local school. Her ex-husband took the children and refuses to let her see them. The law can’t find him and her mother is desperately ill. How will she ever find the strength and courage to continue? Can she find a way to save her boys before their father injures them?

Dive into this wonderful adventure. Each living their separate lives but connected by one website. ‘Friendlycoffee.com’ ties these ladies together. Come discover the adventures that follow and how they each walk day by day through their recovery and shake off the demons of their past.

About the Author

Terri Louise on Indie Author News
Terri Louise
Terri Louise was born to a strong family of 6- Terri being the oldest. At ten she had her first article published with a local paper and the writing bug took hold. At 13 she won a radio contest with "oddest story line" and completed a goal her grandfather had--to be on the radio.That same year she was VP of the student body and at her 8th grade graduation she gave the retirement speech for her grandmother-- a teacher of 30 years. At 16 she drove a logging truck for her family business and loved that so much, she went on to work with them.

When she was 21, she started her own family, and placed writing on the back burner. For the next 22 years she played the part of "Mother" and "Parent" and worked in the family business as one of their heavy equipment operators.In 2008 her husband left and they divorced in 2009. In 2010 she was injured on one of the jobs, and decided to begin writing again. Bitten by the bug once more, she started the "Diary of a Damaged Soul" Series, based on diaries she kept during her abusive marriage.

She currently helps with her local little league serving as their president and other positions needing filled. To date, Terri is working on her first fiction, "Coffee of Change," Based loosely on six women she met when looking for help during her divorce. "Coffee of Change," says Terri,"Is about 6 women living their lives day to day, and they meet on this website. The only thing they have in common is the website, but in their day to day lives, they are experiencing death, kidnappings, cancer, trips to hawaii, love triangles and ordinary day to day things. But, they need each other, and the website is where they come back to , time and time again. They each are suffering through a seperation or divorce. So, they form bonds of friendship and the website is their glue."

Terri is also a survivor of Thyroid Cancer and Gallbladder Cancer. To date, she is cancer free!

Connect with Terri Louise on Twitter: @gradergal