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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

New Indie Book Release: Spider Brains - A Love Story (Susan Wingate)

New Indie Book Release: 
Spider Brains: A Love Story - Susan Wingate -
YA Fantasy / Romance (July 29, 2012 - 292 pages)
- "A heart-warming tale full of wit and intrigue." -

About the Book

Spider Brains: A Love Story - Read an Excerpt
After her father’s death last year and, now, in the throes of a gnarly teacher’s whim as she thinks ahead to college, a small black arachnid bites fifteen-year-old Susie Speider on the finger and sends her nights into fantastical dreams about taking revenge on a teacher–a one Ms. Morlson–who, ultimately, holds Susie’s college aspirations in the sweaty palm of her cold calloused hand.

But, after Susie figures out the dreams are real, she ups the ante and visits the teacher regularly but... as the spider.

And, oh, by the way! Who is that boy spider munching on flies, hiding over there in the corner?

About the Author

Susan Wingate on Indie Author News
Susan Wingate
Susan Wingate is currently working on her 13th novel, Chicken Brains – a companion book for the Susie Speider Young Adult Series. As well, she will finish her 12th book, an apocalyptic thriller late in 2012. Susan’s latest release Spider Brains: A Love Story and her 2011 release of Drowning both reached #1 Amazon Bestseller status in 2012.

Drowning, a contemporary women’s fiction novel, also won 1st place in the 2011 Forward National Literature Award for Drama. This book also won a finalist award for the category of Women’s Fiction/Chick Lit in the 2011 International Book Awards.

A vibrant public speaker, Susan offers inspiring, motivational talks about the craft of writing, publishing and marketing, and how to survive this extremely volatile (e-)Publishing industry. She presents these lectures at writing conferences, libraries and bookstores around the country. She also loves to visit with book clubs for intimate chats.

Connect with Susan Wingate on Twitter: @susanwingate