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Monday, August 06, 2012

Featured Indie Book: Time Shift - The Paradigm (Robbie Thomas)

Time Shift - The Paradigm - Read an Excerpt
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Fiction based on a Real Event Time Shift - The Paradigm  by Robbie Thomas.

Time Shift - The Paradigm is based on a factual event that was recorded days before it actually happened that shook the world as we know it.

The Book has been self-published via CreateSpace and is available as eBook and Paperback - released in May 2012 / 206 pages.

The Book has reached Top 10 spots multiple times on a Amazon Europe site.

About the Book

The student body has descended upon the quiet little town of Trinity Massachusetts, to attend the prestigious University of Winston. The town comes alive as the area residence openly welcome back those who are about to attend the historical University. Classes resume as usual, however, the class of ancient history being taught by Professor David Gates, will soon be interrupted by events that unfold in an unexpected way.

The calamity of horrific happenings begin to swallow nations leaving the world helpless in its wake. A very unlikely duo are teamed up to assist another colleague of theirs, Professor Elizabeth Ross, an Archaeologist who is in Peru. They discover that the mysterious phenomena which has engulfed the world has a hidden agenda that predates the existence of mankind.

Time is of the essence as the door of a parallel world is opening merging with ours, creating a paradigm no man or woman has ever thought could happen, yet it's consuming all!

When life as we know it suddenly changes, Time Shift-The Paradigm becomes your future!

Time Shift - The Paradigm (Robbie Thomas)
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The world is set forth into a merging of parallel worlds that are now colliding, creating havoc among many nations. The devastation and destruction alone is mind gripping, then add in the fact of the supernatural exploding upon people who are unable to defend themselves, leaves the reader very anxious and helpless. Leaders from around the world, along with an unlikely duo of scientists who team up with historians as well as the military seek out a resolve, which ultimately comes from yet another source that takes the reader into a different direction they will not expect whatsoever.

The book is based on a factual event that took place and twisted into a fictional storyline. The Author publically posted in a forum certain information days prior to this event happening. He listed some sequential things to take place while introducing characters in the movie script that he was writing to intrigue those who would read this to anticipate the work coming.

The day before this event actually took place, he was on a telephone conference call speaking with a producer explaining what he would like to include in the making of the script. He agreed, thinking it was brilliant. The very next day the event took place, taking everyone involved in the making of the script off guard, which they were perplexed at what was being played out on the television news. It was a horrific time to say the least as what was written days before, was now being played out on television before the world. At this point he decided to write the book with a twist of fiction/horror/adventure/mystery with many roller coaster rides within as well as a huge turn of events at the end of the book with a clear message for all.

Reviews (Excerpts)

- "Robbie Thomas' Time Shift the Paradigm is a really great read. I cant put it down. This book is highly suspenseful and thought provoking. I really hope this book will be made into a feature film because this would be magnificent on the big screen. I highly recommend this book to anyone. This will keep you on the edge of your seat right to the surprising conclusion. [...]" - B. Davis

- "Everyone needs to read this book. it makes you look at the world differently, in a good way. Enjoyed every much." - PamJ (Amazon)

- "Robbie has outdone himself with his novel about parallel worlds!"- Dr. Sharon Oester PHD, Coyote Moon Publishing

- "Just read the sample - OMG! I want the whole book now! Well done Robbie, I can't wait for it to be released. Just from the small sampling I read I think Time Shift would make an awesome movie too!" - Lesley Powell-Coates

- "[...] This book is something that I would recommend to everyone, it's full of suspense, and excitement, as you read it's like a movie playing out for you it's awesome." - Dale (Amazon)

About the Author

Robbie Thomas on Indie Author News
Robbie Thomas
Robbie Thomas was born in Ontario, Canada and has lived in Canada all his life. Along with writing books, he is a screenwriter. He has created a new T.V. Series, which he will also host that is in development with Lamport Sheppard Entertainment.

Robbie Thomas has researched and worked in the Paranormal Field for many years. He has starred in two critically acclaimed hit paranormal movies, Dead Whisper and The Sallie House. He has been on television several times doing interviews and 1 hour specials.

Over many years Robbie has assisted Police and families in murder/missing person's cases where he does Psychic Profiling. More about Robbie's work can be found on his website along with the many cases he has helped out in.

Time Shift - The Paradigm is Robbie Thomas's 5th published book. Right now he is working on converting a Trilogy of Movie Scripts into book format.

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