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Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Release: Greed (Peggy Holloway)

New Release: 
Greed - Peggy Holloway - Mystery/Suspense (June 30, 2012)
- What price will Belinda pay for wealth and excitement? -

About the Book

New Release: GREED (by Peggy Holloway)
At age 23, Belinda had never tasted life.

Growing up in a hick town in Georgia, in a hell, fire, and brimstone religion, she was ripe for the picking. When suave, handsome Adam came into town and offered her love, wealth, and excitement, she agreed to pretend to be the long lost granddaughter of the wealthy Miss Gracie Boston of Savannah, who was dying and wanted to see her long lost granddaughter one last time.

But what price will she pay for wealth and excitement?

About the Author

Peggy Holloway on Indie Author News
Peggy Holloway is a retired geophysicist, math teacher, and counselor whose love of books has led her to try her hands at writing, something she always wanted to do. Now that she tried it, she loves it and thinks she should have been writing her entire adult life.

She also loves to paint, landscapes and on glass, swim, walk on the beach and having deep philosophical discussions with friends. She likes to observe human behavior because it's so interesting to see how people handle things.

Greed is Peggy Holloway's tenth book and her ninth novel. She is currently working on Time and Time Again, the sequel to her book, 3037, which is a science fiction/fantasy novel.

Connect with Peggy Holloway on Twitter: @authorpholloway