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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Release: Chutes, Beer, & Bullets (Jesse C. Holder)

New Release: 
Chutes, Beer & Bullets - Jesse C. Holder - Military Humor (216 pages, 2012)
- Not your Grandpa's War Story -

About the Book

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Chutes, Beer, & Bullets: Not Your Grandpa’s War Story gives an in depth look at what the Sky Soldier does for training, entertainment, and how close soldiers become with each other.

The book is a humor filled narrative that takes place during the peak of The War on Terror. It is an uncut and unscripted adventure that leads you through United States Army Airborne School, Europe, and ultimately to Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

It is assured to have you laughing, sighing, looking away, and possibly even shedding a tear as you connect with the real life characters within.

“It is a story of men fiercely loyal to their country - some are drinkers and smokers, some are drug users and prostitute seekers. Although they are not your father’s patriots, they are all real soldiers. America, this is your army.” --Editor, Dallas Cowne.

About the Author

Jesse C. Holder joined the Army because like most boys, he watched 'Saving Private Ryan' or 'Band of Brothers' to many times and decided that jumping out of planes and shooting stuff seemed like a good idea.

He started out in the Army at good ole Sand Hill in Fort Benning, Georgia and went through basic and Infantry AIT then proceeded onto Airborne School. He graduated there and reported to his first duty station in Vicenza, Italy as a part of the 173rd Airborne Combat Team, 1 Battalion 503rd Infantry.

Jesse was in Charlie Company for three years, a M240B gunner and loved it. There is nothing like being stationed in Europe. Travel is made easy, varieties of beer flow like the Salmon of Capistrano, and each country has different type of women…or men, whatever you’re into these days. Either way it was great.

From Italy his unit deployed to Operation Enduring Freedom 7-8. They were in the Paktika Province of Afghanistan. At a little Forward Operating Base named FOB Bermel. It sat about 6 kilometers away from the Pakistan border. It did not take long for them to realize that they weren’t in Kansas anymore, aside from the stray Toto’s running around.

Accurate indirect rocket attacks became a daily occurrence, Sky Soldiers he considered his brothers began to get wounded or killed, and then Jesse also was wounded two months into the deployment. He took a bullet and shrapnel through the left arm, and RPG shrapnel through his neck. Returning from the shipping container the surgeon called an Operating Room, it was difficult to imagine that they still had 13 months to go!

Chutes,Beer,& Bullets: Not Your Grandpa's Way Story is Jesse C. Holder's first book. It is the first book of its kind as it introduces a new genre to the world of literature, Military Humor. It has been described as an un-cut comedy/war film. Some say a hint of Tucker Max, with a dash of Joe Galloway.

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