Thursday, June 07, 2012

New Release: The Brainiacs (Brook Syers)

New Release: 
The Brainiacs - Brook Syers - YA / Tech & Superheroes (2012)

About the Book

The Brainiacs (Brook Syers) - Read an Excerpt
After graduating from Harvard and returning home to the worst economy in decades, Theo Phillips is forced to swallow his pride and take a job at a burger joint. An act of violence against a co-worker puts him at the center of a deadly drug war that threatens to destroy his hometown.

Determined to fight back, he and his childhood friends band together to challenge the gangs. Using their unique skill sets, cutting edge technology, and psychological warfare, they fight for those who can't protect themselves.

Action-packed and suspenseful with surprising moments of humor, The Brainiacs is a tale that grabs you with the very first sentence and captivates all the way to the shocking conclusion.

About the Author

Brook Syers on Indie Author News
Brook Syers is a graduate of The University of Texas, has been a practicing CPA and bean counter for over 10 years. On the weekends he likes to BASE jump, skydive, rock climb, free-dive, hunt Great White sharks, and participate in other life-threatening activities. Actually, he doesn't do any of those things. He usually just comes home from work, eats dinner, plays with his son, and attacks the DVR with his wife. He follows University of Texas football obsessively and occasionally tries to inspire young people to stop complaining about life, get out of debt, and save for their future.

The inspiration for his first book, The Brainiacs, was his own childhood in which he was bullied until learning karate and fighting back.

He lives with his wife and their son in Houston, Texas,

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