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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Featured Indie Book: At Long Odds (Hannah Hooton)

At Long Odds (Hannah Hooton)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Contemporary Romance At Long Odds by Hannah Hooton.

At Long Odds is a contemporary romance drama, set deep in the world of British horseracing. The main character is a young female horse trainer who is struggling to stave off the bailiffs from her family’s Newmarket racing yard, and will forsake almost anything for ambition.

The Book has been self-published via Amazon KDP Select and is available as eBook - released in Jan. 2012 / 333 pages.

About the Book

Ginny Kennedy, young and ambitious, returns to Newmarket, England to resurrect her family’s failing horseracing yard. She makes it her goal to win the Dewhurst Stakes at the end of the season with an unlikely horse owned by her ailing father.

However, she doesn’t account for Julien Larocque, the cool and handsome French trainer living next door, who as well as posing the biggest threat to her on the racecourse, is becoming increasingly hard to ignore emotionally.

But when things at Ravenhill Stables take a sinister turn, Ginny must decide whether Julien is trying to protect her or hurt her and come the Dewhurst Stakes, she realises there is a lot more at stake than just a trophy.

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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "Hannah Hooton has managed to impress me yet again! I thoroughly enjoyed 'Keeping the Peace', which was the first novel I read by her, and the same is now true for 'At Long Odds'. Her witty, sophisticated style stands out amongst that of many other new authors in the contemporary romance genre and I love the setting she picks for her novels basing them in the British horse racing scene.The chemistry between the protagonist was great from start to finish, although the rather compact ending came as a bit of a surprise to me personally. I'll definitely be looking to read more by Hannah Hooton in the future! " - Sophie Mayer

- "a fast paced book with likeable characters. [...] you don't need to be an avid racing post reader to follow the heavy horse racing slant, having been to a few meets helps with the understanding of the tension that builds up in a race though it is conveyed well in the book and I think you would be willing the horses on even if you had never stood at a track " - H. O. Flynn

- "This story had me hooked from the start: wonderfully gripping, full of intrigue and drama, human interest and emotion. Great characters, including a very likeable heroine and my favorite sort of hero... Looking forward to the next book! " - Ces (Amazon)

- "Hannah Hooton put a lot of research into horse racing in this story. Every detail about the racing world is carefully noted and used to create a realistic story. I have read multiple stories where the author writes about racing, but doesn't even have pure thoroughbred horses racing in thoroughbred only races! Not only has she researched her story well, she has created an interesting plot with multiple twists that keeps a reader reading from beginning to end. This story is a romance that is not only about the romance, but also about the world around the romance, which is the racing world of England. [...] I would highly recommend this story to fans of romance or horse stories for its well written romance set in the world of horse racing. " - Book Wyverm (Amazon)

About the Author

Hannah Hooton on Indie Author News
Hannah Hooton w/ Darwin Cup
Hannah Hooton writes to entertain people and, to a certain degree, to educate readers on a subject whose backstage is very difficult to penetrate unless you’re heavily involved in it. That subject is, of course, horse racing. Horses have always been a passion of her, especially racing, and she's been lucky enough to have worked within various parts of the sport over the years.

It was sometimes given a hard time so it was her intention as a writer to tell the truth about racing, and that meant acknowledging the bad eggs, as you will get in any walk of life, as well as the good ones. The fact that Hannah Hooton's books are romances is not something she purposefully set out to achieve. The love seems to come along naturally!

Hannah has always written and she can remember tapping away at her sister’s manual typewriter and she couldn’t have been more than eight at the time. She would write pony adventures, completely immersing herself in the magic of the fictional world. She finished her first novel, another pony adventure, when she was fourteen and went on to complete another two in her teens.

Links to the Author and the Book

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At Long Odds - Read an Excerpt

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R J Gould said...

A great read, realistic characters, a good plot and the added interest of a glimpse into the world of horse racing which I knew nothing about until I read this novel.

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