Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Release: A Dream in the Night (Michael Phoenix)

New Release: 
A Dream in the Night  - Michael Phoenix - Poetry / Quotes / Short stories (2012)

About the Book

A Dream in the Night (Michael Phoenix)

A Dream in the Night is very raw and real. It does not hold back on any emotion or experience. Poetry, quotes and a few short stories telling the story of one person. Life / death, love / hate, darkness / light all play a major role in this book. They also play a major role in life.

Has taught me
A face in the crowd
Can not
Be unique" - Ghost in the Soul's Shadow

The sun's fire
To light the sky
A lone shadow
Facing the serene waves - Wraith in the Night

About the Author

Michael Phoenix on Indie Author News
Michael Phoenix about Michael Phoenix and his book:
I currently call the Allentown, Pa area my home, for now.

My first book, "A Dream in the Night", began as one poem / song: Goodbye. Goodbye was written when I was 15, after the death of a friend. The entire design and every word are a part of my spirit and soul. 25 years are in this book, a long journey on a road that has ended. One life spent looking back. One ghost who believed they only belonged in the shadows.

"Memories faded. Ghosts laid to rest. One life, over. A darkphoenix has risen from the ashes of a fresh grave."

For lack of a better term, when this book ended, I re-invented myself. The person and life that created "A Dream in the Night" are dead and buried. Nothing is similar or remains, not even memories. Now is the time to look in only direction, forward. The night is still my world. I feel at home walking the streets or in an art gallery. I still like the shadows, but now, I fade into them when I choose. A new book and story has begun. How it will be written, I have no idea. No person knows what will happen from one moment to the next.

I wrote all this for one reason: I want to know that what you see with me is real. The person in the photo is who you would see on the street. The words written are who you would talk to. I know professionalism sells books and everything. My style, to a point. Realism, the moment as it happens, is more believable and is never repeated. One last thing, a quote I live by and is great advice to everyone.

"Life is not about what we do. It's about who we are. Never losing sight of our dreams. Having the courage to go after them, not matter what the odds. Believing in our dreams and ourselves, even when no one else does."

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