Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Indie Author's Guide to the Universe

Indie Author's Guide to the Universe
Jeff Bennington just released (Feb. 23, 2012) an eBook Guide with lots of valuable information for Indie Authors to take the next step in their writing journey

The Indie Author's Guide to the Universe

This Indie Author's Guide is designed to encourage and inspire authors in their craft and in the daily life of those who dare to explore the new galaxies in publishing. The Indie Author’s Guide to the Universe is about nudging new and newer authors through the process and offering helpful advice and encouragement in an environment that can be extremely draining. This Guide may help inspire you, coach you, and motivate you to go the road to become an Indie Author.

This book will teach you what Jeff Bennington has done on the road to Amazon’s Top 100, and gives you indie publishing wisdom, including tips and thoughts from some of the bestselling indie authors out there, like Scott Nicholson, Bob Mayer, Joanna Penn, Blake Crouch, Robert Bidinotto, Richard Bard, Amber Scott, Melissa Foster, Saffina Desforges and many more...

- Why Indie Authors are Succeeding?
- Why You Could be the Next Bestseller?
- Your Role as Marketer
- Marketing Strategies
- Are You Risking Your Reputation With Your eBooks?
- What Does it Take to be a Real Writer
- Author Blogging
- A Sure Fire Method to Find More Readers
- Your Book Cover- How to Build an Author Platform
- Selling and Price-point Strategies
- Strategies for Navigating Amazon's KDP Select Program
- Understanding the Indie Author Movement
- 10 Questions Every Author Should Ask
- Turning Self-publishing Into Self-employed
- Helpful links

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Reviews (Excerpts)

- "[...]Jeff Bennington gives the reader a refreshing and accurate view of the Indie field in The Indie Author's Guide to the Universe" - Kirkus MacGowan

- "[...] While the Indie Author's Guide to the Universe is not a guaranteed solution to increase book sales, it does provide a road map to follow that for many authors will lead to increased sales and profits that the author deserves." - Anthony Wessel

- "There are many books about self-publishing and how to sell guides, and many of those miss the mark. This one doesn't. [...]" - Renee Pawlish

About the Author

Jeff Bennington is the author of Reunion, an Amazon #1 bestselling supernatural thriller, Twisted Vengeance and Creepy, a collection of scary stories. He blogs at The Writing Bomb and is the founder of The Kindle Book Review. When Jeff isn't writing and blogging, he's busy raising and homeschooling his four children with his wife in Indianapolis, IN.

Jeff has written political thrillers, supernatural thrillers and suspense, but he doesn't want to be pigeonholed. You never know what he's going to write next, but you can bet that it will be suspenseful, intriguing, romantic or thrilling -- but not necessarily in that order. His blog posts can be funny, inspiring or informative; depends on his mood. He is truly a creative soul. He designs his own book covers, has been drumming for over 30 years and loves creating glass mosaics!

You can follow Jeff on Twitter @TweetTheBook and his blog, The Writing Bomb.

If you enjoyed any of his works, please write a review or comment on this article. He'd love to hear from you!


Scott Hunter said...

Sounds Good, Jeff. Interested to see what you advise!

Jeff Bennington said...

Hi Scott, Thank you. I just ran another author through my program and she went from a 410K Amazon ranking and last I checked is ranked about 300 in the paid store. Of course results vary. Her writing is clean and well edited and is getting great reviews. She just needed a little boost.

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