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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Featured Indie Book: 40 Days 40 Nights (Wendy Cartmell)

40 Days 40 Nights

Today's Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: 40 Days 40 Nights by Wendy Cartmell. (Second Book in the Sgt. Major Crane Series). It is Wendy Cartmell's second novel (Mystery Thriller), self-published via KDP Select and available as eBook.

40 Days 40 nights is Book Two in the Sgt. Major Crane Series. Book One (Steps to Heaven) has been released in October 2011.

Reviews (Excerpts)

- "[...] Cartmell weaves an intricate story while breathing life into her characters. [...]
Sgt. Major Crane must identify the terrorist and stop the attack before it takes place. On top of the stress of his job, Crane worries about his pregnant wife and the eminent birth of his son. Will Crane unravel the clues in time to stop the terrorist and save innocent lives? Will he be there for his wife when the baby is born? I was glad to find out the answers and look forward to reading more novels in this series
." - Diane Rapp

- "A great social commentary. This is the 2nd book of Wendy Cartmell's I've read and what I like about her Sgt Major Crane crime series is that they're not just your stereotypical crime thrillers.[...]" - Hannah M. Davis

Book Description 

The second novel 40 Days 40 Nights sees Crane battling with accidents, thefts, murders and terrorist plots.

Sergeant Major Crane, an Investigator in the Special Investigations Branch of the British Army, is in a personal wilderness as he hates his babysitting assignment of overseeing security on Aldershot Garrison, whilst Team Great-Britain and then their fellow Paralympians prepare for the 2012 Olympic Games.  The assignment is set to run over 40 days and 40 nights.  

On Day One a soldier dies in the Garrison Sport Centre.  Crane suspects murder but his Officer Commanding Captain Edwards insists it was an accident.  However, when Crane discovers a group of Afghan Officers are on Aldershot Garrison and then there is another dead soldier discovered in the Military Cemetery, Crane is understandably suspicious.

He likens it to 40 Days and 40 Nights in a personal wilderness before he can get back to his real job of investigating; but it turns into 40 Days and 40 Nights of chaos. Will Crane be able to keep the athletes safe or will the terrorists win? 

About the Author 

Wendy Cartmell began writing early in her working life, as she progressed from Secretary to working in PR and Marketing, finally editing a large corporate employee newspaper.  Wendy went to university as a mature student reading English and Education and this spurred her into writing for myself rather than work, as there were several Creative Writing strands on the course.  

During this time she wrote stories for her children and also for the children she taught at school.  Wendy had a few disasters trying to write a novel, including romance and historical, until she found the genre she is best at – crime. Wendy: "Another adage is write what you like to read."  She reads crime and thriller and finds other works slow by comparison.  So it is natural for Wendy to write crime/thriller books which are fast paced and have a puzzle to solve.

Wendy Cartmell about Publishing/Self-Publishing:  

"It is very difficult these days to get any sort of publishing contract.  Time and again I was told that the crime market is saturated and agents would have difficulty in selling my work, even though the agents liked it!  So I decided to be encouraged by that, rather than discouraged, which gave me the confidence to self publish my novels as eBooks.

But the process of self publishing is very difficult and time consuming.  First of all there is the challenge of producing the very best product you can, which means editing editing and editing again and making sure your book is formatted correctly.  Once the book is published the marketing begins.  I spend so much time social networking and publicizing my book, it chips away my writing time.  But if you don’t do it no one will ever find your book!  The other advice I could give is to produce a series if possible, or if not publish as many books as you can, without compromising on quality, of course.  The more books you have out there you more you can build a fan base.

Also self publishing is definitely not a quick process.  I am having to learn patience and month by month more people are buying my books, so I must be doing something right!"

Wendy is planning to release the Sgt. Major Crane Novels later this year also as paperback.

In addition to the Major Crane Novels, Wendy Cartmell also released in February 2012 three Books for Children:
- Wilhelmina the Witch - The Lost Broom

- Professor Letters and the Lost Alphabet

- Professor Letters and the Days of the Week  

Links to the Author and the Book 

Connect to Wendy Cartmell via Twitter: @wendycartmell

Link to the Book on Amazon: 40 Days - 40 Nights (Book Two in the Sgt. Major Crane Series) with Excerpt

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