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New Indie Book Release: Gun Princess Royale - Awakening the Princess (Albert Ruckholdt)

New Indie Book Release:
Gun Princess Royale: Awakening the Princess - Albert Ruckholdt
YA Science-Fiction (375 Pages - March 2017)

Gun Princess Royale: Awakening the Princess tells the story of Ronin Kassius, a 1st year high school boy living on the colonized world of Teloria, who finds himself an unwilling female participant in the Gun Princess Royale Tournament, where competitors known as Gun Princesses battle for the title of Gun Queen, and the right to compete for the vaunted rank of Gun Empress.

"This story is a fantastic! The characters are great and are very easy to relate to. You see the characters develop gradually through the story which is a plus. If you like science fiction stories with good character development and action, than this is the story for you!" - Reader Review

About the Book

Gun Princess Royale - Awakening the Princess (Albert Ruckholdt)
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A High School Sci-Fi Adventure with a gender twist.

It is said there is no point crying over spilt milk, but for Ronin Kassius living on the terraformed world of Teloria, his decision to help out the Cosplay Club during his third year of middle school at Telos Academy in the city-state of Ar Telica is one he fervently regrets. Cross-playing as the popular animated heroine, Princess Silver Blue, garnered him a legion of ardent fans misled to believe he is a girl and not a boy because of his overtly feminine appearance.

A year later, his high school life descends into a waking nightmare after a near death experience, and his school reputation lies in tatters when his cross-playing is revealed on social media. However, Ronin soon learns that is the least of his problems, and there is more afoot than he could have ever imagined when he discovers that a powerful, enigmatic family has chosen him to represent their interest by competing in the Gun Princess Royale championship, an all too realistic and overly popular VR tournament where players with corporate sponsorship wield Gun Princess avatars in battle.

However little could have prepared him for the revelation that he won't be participating as the avatar's operator, but as the prototype Gun Princess called Mirai, an existence that comes with her own unique set of problems, and that there is nothing virtual about the brutal and bloody competition he has been thrust into.

About the Author

Albert Ruckholdt is a science-fiction/romance novelist focusing on works written for teenage and young adult readers.

A software engineer by trade, he graduated from Macquarie University in Sydney with an Honors Degree in Computer Science and immediately entered the world of financial systems. When not writing fiction, he is a senior programmer in a third-party accounting solutions company based in Sydney, Australia.

Raised on a healthy diet of stories by science-fiction greats such Zelazny, Asimov, Bradbury, Simak, Moorcock, and Donaldson, he made the decision to write for the young adult market after receiving surprisingly positive critiques from members of the teenage demographic for a couple of unpublished works.

First novel, "Pride X Familiar", was written with the intention of delivering a light-novel for young adult western readers. He later released "Pride X Familiar ReVamp" as an alternative telling of the story.

An avid fan of Japanese anime, manga and culture, he is also a student of the Japanese language at beginner level, and credits Seo Kouji's manga "Suzuka", and the works by Shoji Gatoh, as part of his inspiration to put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard.

The Gun Princess Royale series represents his first serious foray into the science-fiction, young-adult, gender-bender genres, and a step away from the Japanese light-novel prose, instead adopting the more traditional narrative style found in Western novels.

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