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New Indie Book Release: Lights of Polaris (Melodie Ramone)

New Indie Book Release:
Lights of Polaris - Melodie Ramone
Women's Psychological Fiction (544 Pages - March 2016)

Lights of Polaris is a deeper look into the mind and emotions of an adult woman who is escaping an abusive relationship, and trying to recover her sanity and rediscover who she is, while life, repercussions for leaving, her loving, but over-whelming family, and unexpected romance are coming at her at full speed.

"In this stunning novel about love, pain, survival and redemption, Ramone pulls us into the uncharted waters of a woman who is drowning inside conformity." - Reader Review

About the Book

Lights of Polaris (Melodie Ramone)
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Throughout her life, Daisy Cade was a free spirit who tried to fit in, but her struggle to conform was futile. And it was suffocating her. Desperate for air, she would pack up and run, often leaving chaos in her wake. At the age of thirty, weary of being labeled a “wild child.”she descended into a loveless relationship with a man who targeted her with his insidious mental cruelty - a psychological abuse so overwhelming, it threatened her sanity.

On her thirty-fifth birthday, she fled that life, too.

She returned home to Chicago, safe in the refuge of her famous brother’s house, but reeling from the fallout of her latest breakup. What she didn’t expect was for her life to collide with Stuart Adkins, whose piercing blue eyes could see right through her and understand more than she wanted him to know.

An enigmatic woman on the edge. A devoted, but meddling family. An angry ex, hell-bent on payback, and a handsome Irish singer with a troubled past. Only one thing is certain: Daisy Cade’s future is arriving like a train that’s jumped the tracks.

About the Author

Author Melodie Ramone
Author Melodie Ramone
First published in literary magazines at the age of twelve, Melodie Ramone is a critically acclaimed writer from the city of Chicago, Illinois.

"Words, words. Pens. Ink. It's always been this way with me. Sometimes my fingertips get sore and sometimes I go blind, but I'm never happier than when I'm writing or have my nose shoved in a book. I get cranky when I don't have something to create or feed to my brain." - Melodie Ramone

A lifelong lover of music, Melodie Ramone worked in the public relations sector of the music industry from the age of sixteen to twenty-four.

"I'm definitely punk rock in the core of my soul. It bleeds through in my writing. Edgy. Everybody says I'm edgy." She shrugs. "I get it all the time and I'm sure my background in the music business has a lot to do with it. I grew up in the mosh pits, on sidewalks beside tour buses hanging out with guys in leather jackets and motorcycle boots. I learned about life there. I watched brilliant people create magic. I learned to understand the fine line of honesty and lies that blends into fiction and becomes something greater than reality, and I learned it from some very big personalities. All of my books are influenced in some way by that period of my life. Some more than others, obviously, but the feeling is always there. That attitude is either part of you or it isn't. Some people can fake it, but when it's genuine you never lose it."

Melodie's life has quieted since then. She is now settled into a four bedroom house on a shady street in central Illinois and spends her time as a full-time novelist, Certified Kitchen Witch, mother, public speaker, event organizer, stray cat rescue advocate, and community activist.

"I wear many hats," she grins. "I'm always busy, but if you ask me I'll tell you my official title is 'International Dudette of Leisure.' Why? Because everything I do, I do with joy or I don't do it."

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