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Featured Indie Book: Long Gone (Thomas Bryant)

Long Gone (Thomas Bryant)
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Thriller Long Gone by Thomas Bryant.

The Book has been self-published via Smashwords and Amazon KDP and is available as eBook (~251 pages).

The book Long Gone is A fast-paced thriller and will appeal to readers who enjoy the nail biting suspense of Robert Crais' (THE SENTRY), Elmore Leonard's (ROAD DOGS), and Harlan Coben's (LIVE WIRE).

About the Book

Long Gone is a fast-paced thrilling tale of love, romance, corruption and murder as seen through the eyes of Sammy Page, who was turned out to make fast money by a desperate mother at the age of 10. She blackmailed a long time thief, Clarence Parker, to put her son to work or risk prison terms for him and his entire crew.

Sammy's childhood playground of stolen cars and hot rides took the place of swing sets, monkey bars and slides. He cased neighborhoods, picked locks and sidestepped high tech burglar alarms and could barely see over the steering wheel of his first stolen car as he began to hopscotch down a crooked path that would lead to a life of crime.

As a man he's the villain you can't help but love as he takes you on the ride of your life, from steaming hot sex, to riding shotgun through his felonious lifestyle. You'll enjoy his dry sense of humor, most intimate emotions, and undying love for his beautiful wife, Marla, and her daughter, Anita, who thinks the Sun rises and sets with "Sam I am." She idolizes him as if he were a storybook hero.

You'll laugh at Torch and Duffy, Sammy's partners in crime who are full-time pot smokers and seem to find humor in some of the most emotionally blistering situations.

You'll be an accomplice to the nerve-racking action and the offenses as you ride with him and Clarence's son Karl, his wheelman, who he loves like a little brother and has trusted with his life many times over.

Long Gone (Thomas Bryant) - Read an Excerpt

In his 30s and feeling the pressure of love like he's never known and Clarence's prophetic words in his dreams every night and in the mirror every morning. He desperately seeks to escape his grand theft lifestyle when he's identified on a surveillance tape at a crime scene where a husband-and-wife has been found brutally murdered.

You'll find yourself caring for him through every hair-raising moment as he runs for his life to try and clear himself while an all out man hunt seems to want him more dead than alive.
Law enforcement, including three detectives who were Sammy's childhood friends, become frustrated and embarrassed trying to catch up with the smart and savvy Page, so they turn on Marla, charging her with obstruction of justice and threaten to remove Anita from the home. The thought of her behind bars and Anita hauled off by authorities, drives him to turn himself in. You'll cry with his wife and little girl who are lost without "Sam I am," while he sits in prison, suffers through near fatal trips to the infirmary while battling attempts on his life. He literally fights to live through a gripping murder trial, where they watch Karl Parker and his lifelong friends testify to put him to death.

Reviews (Excerpts)

- "Thomas Bryant has created a totally unique plot with this story of unconditional love, a life forced onto the "wrong" track, and friendships cherished and betrayed. [...] So, Bryant has created a bad guy character who is a tender and loving husband, a loyal friend, and in an upside down kind of way, a highly moral man. You just can't help rooting for him.[...]" - Arlene Alleman

- "Nail-biting suspense from page one. Very sexy & humorous! Main character, Sammy Page, is a lovable career criminal." - Reviews (Amazon)

- "[...] Plenty of interesting characters to keep you entertained, with enough humor adding to the fun of reading this fast paced tale, you won't want to put it down till it's finished.[...]" - Rita Marendic

About the Author

Thomas Bryant on Indie Author News
Thomas Bryant received his education at Cal Baptist University in Riverside, CA. While studying political science, he began a love affair with books and discovered a passion for writing. Coming from humble beginnings with economic demands, he took an internship in the service industry as a heavy-duty diesel mechanic, which left him little time for books or writing.

He sought challenges, including baseball, football and wrestling as a young man and loved speed on the water in a flat bottom race boat called BORN to be WILD. Two weeks before he entered Arizona Bail Enforcement Academy to become a licensed Bounty Hunter, he was involved in a near fatal crash.

Disabled and facing his toughest challenge, he returned to his first love of writing and found a whole new world in print and writing crime fiction/suspense novels. He's the author of the Sammy Page suspense/thriller series: Long Gone and soon to be released, Turn The Page. He lives in the Ozarks of Missouri.

Links to the Author and the Book

Link to Thomas Bryant's Website

Connect with Thomas Bryant via Twitter @ThomasABryant

Link to the Book Long Gone with Excerpt on Amazon


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